Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mondays Adventures - i.e. Doctors Visit & Mall Visit :)

First, I took Lindsey to her 1 year (or should I say 13 month) Doctors well visit checkup. She did great and bless her heart she had to get 3 shots and only cried for a minute or so and after that she just wanted mommy to hold her. She got one in her arm and each leg and it was so awful to hear that pitiful cry as she was receiving them, but she was a toughy as always. She weighed in at 26.2 lbs in the 95th percentile. She has grown a lot measuring 31 inches in the 87th percentile. She has really shot up in her height having grown 2.75 inches since the end of October. You can tell she's slimming down a bit because of her amount of growth in height. She's always been high in both percentile groups, but never this high in the height. All in all a great report for a healthy little girl from the doc.

We came home after the doctors appointment and Lindsey was very ready for her nap so Grandma S. rocked her to sleep while I did some house cleaning.

After Lindsey's nap, Mom, Lindsey and myself left for Kenwood Mall to go meet Jennifer and Katrin Eckert and do some shopping or should I say mostly window peeping :). I also had some returns to make. We had a great time and was able to buy some Sunday clothes for this spring/summer wardrobe that Lindsey is in much need of. Katrin and Lindsey now have coordinating outfits - they are exactly the same jumper / shirt / socks / bows except for the color, but the style is all the same. The funny thing is, when Jennifer and I were walking into the store we saw the hot pink style in the window and I stated that I would like to have the green and Jennifer said she would like to have the blue, but neither one of us really knew what we were going to buy and when we left, we left with the exact item and color that we had stated when we were walking into Children's Place. After we had been to many stores dragging Mom along with us, we ate in the food court and my Dad and Jonathan joined us to eat. We had a great time.

Then... After we got home, I stilled washed and curled Mom's hair since the rest of the week we are in revival with Rev. James Plank.

Tuesday, Dad goes to the doctor for a follow up on his shoulder surgery he had on November 15, 2006. Unfortunately I'm afraid to hear what the doctor might say because after all this time, last Thursday Dad must have hurt his arm and it has been bothering him ever since. I sure do hope he didn't tear anything loose. He wasn't really doing anything he wasn't supposed to, it was just the wrong move to make and it is now giving him trouble. I will try and remember to post a followup regarding this after he sees the doctor tomorrow. The doctor told him that in his situation he can only fix a shoulder that was as bad as his was only 1% of the time and after that he only has a 60% chance that the recovery will be successful.

Sorry for the long....... posting, but that was my day, such as it was. Later!

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Anonymous said...

I always dressed the kids up to go to the doctor and then they only see them in a diaper. A shot in the arm? My babies shots were all in the fatty part of their legs. The nurse loved their legs. I noticed that the doctor visit was late but was her one year pic? Just giving you a hard time. Life has been busy for you of late. Can't wait to hear an update on Uncle Jerry. David tried to help me create a blog but we weren't successful. It is like our computer security system won't let us or the server for blogspot is overwhelmed. I'm loving the family pics from Ohio.
Martha from Indy

Julie said...

The pictures of Lindsey are adorable. I love the outfits you and Jenn bought for your girls! I know what you mean about wanting them to wear an outfit just one last time. I just did that with Bryce last week - something was a little too small but it was so cute that I wanted him to wear it one more time. They grow so fast!! I love to read your blog and keep up your busy little girl!