Monday, February 5, 2007

Reporting in from the sick & afflicted household...

Well, not only am I helping take care of my mother after having had surgery, and taking care of my very busy 1 year old, now my husband is sick. He got sick on Saturday and has progressively gotten worse, so today he went to the doctor and he has asthmatic bronchitis. Yuck Yuck!!! I told him to stay clear of me :) I sure don't want it and I sure don't need it. He was supposed to leave tonight for a business training class in Indianapolis, but is now post-poning it till sometime in March or so. Later for now... I'm sure there's something I have to go and do.

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Myranda said...

Oh, I am so sorry Jonathan is sick now. Hopefully he gets better soon - like before you and Lindsey get it!! 8-)

So when can you come see us??