Tuesday, February 6, 2007

~~~ SNOW ~~~

It's snowing in Cincinnati! Yeah!! It's beautiful, pretty, and very cold. Mom had her surgery post op doctors visit to go to today. So.... We got ready and left to go to the doctors, but we didn't make it far because of the weather. The roads are bad and the creeping traffic is really bad. We went only a few miles in about 40 minutes and that was a round trip circle back home. We have now rescheduled Mom's doctors visit for Thursday afternoon. She is not in a lot of pain today, but very subdued, quiet and tired. I think with her all being cooped up is getting to her.

After we got back home from our un successful trip out I took the pictures that are attached of Lindsey looking out the window at the snow.

Click on the picture below for more pictures.


Martha C said...

I love the shadow picture! That is one of those priceless ones.

Myranda said...

Hey, friend. Love the pics.

Hope you are able to get out for your mom's appt on Thursday. Anxious to hear what the Dr. has to say.

Is Jonathan any better?